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2020 Virtual Fall Competitive Events

Please note: This year Fall Competitive Event Guidelines will not be posted on the website. Advisers should contact the NJ FCCLA State Office for access to the guidelines. Members contact your adviser.

Career Focus Events:

Career Search

Financing Your Future

Say Yes to FCS 


Child Growth & Development Events:

Caregiver Carry-All

Circle Time

Get up and Move for Kids

Illustrated Talk - Issues that Impact Children

Virtual Read Aloud 


Fashion/Interior Design Events:

Creative Stitches

Go Green: Vertical Organizer

Illustrated Talk - Issues that Impact Fashion or InteriorDesign

Interior Design Challenge Event

Virtual Passion for Fashion Design Challenge

Virtual Poster/Banner 


Foods Events:

Fall-Fest Cupcake Showcase

Edible Centerpiece

Food Fascination

Fall Food Truck Feud

Illustrated Talk - Issues that Impact Impact Food and Nutrition

Virtual International Food Experience 


Leadership Events:

Community Counts

Consumer Clout

FCCLA Chapter Spotlight

Lessons in Leadership

Tune Into FCCLA: Health & Safety

Tune Into FCCLA: Social Justice

Virtual Membership Matters

Web Connect

Additional Event Resources:

Download the FCCLA Planning Process Sheet in Word format.